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Our professional photography studio gains some new equipment – a table top curve to produce beautifully crisp, clean product imagery perfect for e-commerce websites and advertising.

Your products might be the best thing since sliced bread, but if they're not photographed correctly, they'll never sell. People want clean, crisp images that clearly shows what the product is, and for that you need professional equipment, a decent photographer and a stable lighting environment.

Luckily, we offer an in-house product photography service for our Isle of Wight and Portsmouth clients. Our photography studio is professionally equipped with the Bowens Hi-Glide lighting system, a variety of softboxes and filters for specific effects and all the necessary equipment to produce top quality images that make your products shine.

Like the latest addition to our photography studio. Our new table top curve offers a flawless white background which can be easily lit from above, making it perfect for the precision photography needed to enhance smaller products such as jewellery and these wonderful pesto gift packs we shot the other day.

Once your photos are ready, our team are perfectly positioned to help you create an online store and attention-grabbing advertising campaigns designed to hook your potential customers in. We can handle everything in the studio, which makes the process faster, cheaper and easier. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

If you'd like to have a chat about our newest service, or would like to come and see the studio and all it's equipment, give us a ring on 01983 810505 or email